Celebrating 15 years

Students at Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute (TDSB) participate in a Studio 180 IN CLASS workshop led by Jessica Greenberg and Mark McGrinder. Photo by Jessica Greenberg, November 2016.

Student outreach is one of our priorities.

We provide challenging and nurturing experiences to a diverse high school and university student population. The theatre we produce offers a uniquely powerful and engaging approach to exploring socio-political, global and community issues, and is an excellent springboard to classroom discussion.

To start a dialogue:

  • Student groups can join cast members for a post-show talkback after regular weekday matinees and upon request
  • We offer pre-show chats, led by a member of Studio 180’s artistic or education staff, to delve into the play’s background and historical context (one half hour before curtain)
  • We provide comprehensive Study Guides, complete with background information on each play and its subject matter along with thoughtful questions and activities for pre- and post-show discussions.

We are also available for innovative workshops for high school students of all disciplines, and invite you to learn more about our Studio 180 IN CLASS program.

One of the greatest barriers to youth access is cost. We offer affordable reduced rates for our weekday matinees and workshops and are committed to accessibility for all students.

Please contact us to learn more about our education initiatives. Learn more about Studio 180’s team of artist educators and our Education Advisory Committee here.