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MY NIGHT WITH REG Profile: Alex Furber

With just under two weeks until our first preview of My Night With Reg we continue to introduce you to the incredible team responsible for bringing Kevin Elyot’s acclaimed play to the stage. Next up…

Alex Furber – Eric

What have you been up to lately?

This summer I played Stanley Jerome in Drayton’s Brighton Beach Memoirs, and this fall I played Doug Alward in Drayton’s Marathon of Hope. And, just prior to rehearsals, I was in Inverness, Cape Breton, for the holidays with my family.

Is this your first Studio 180 show?

This is my first show with Studio 180. My favourite thing about seeing Studio 180 shows is seeing great ensembles in a play I usually have not seen or heard of. I love how their work expands my horizons.

Tell us about your role in My Night With Reg.

I play Eric. He’s the youngest of the group and has recently moved to London from Birmingham. Eric has been striving for a monogamous, true love all his life, which has been hard for him to find while working at a pub. And he is still finding himself as young gay man. Guy and John and the rest of the gang become his friends, and quickly become the most important people in his small but expanding world.

What would you say is the most challenging aspect of your role in the show?

A unique challenge is appearing nude in the play, which I’ve never done before. But it’s a part of a very beautiful and funny scene, which makes it not seem so scary. Eric has a very interesting journey from the start to the end of the play so I’m very much excited to be tackling that.

Why do you think audiences should check out My Night With Reg?

I think people should check out My Night With Reg because it captures a group of friends, who share laughs and love and secrets with such beauty. It dances a line of extreme comedy and poignant drama so gracefully. And we have a pretty wicked cast!

David Mirvish presents a Studio 180 Theatre production of My Night With Reg
by Kevin Elyot
directed by Joel Greenberg
February 10 to 26, 2017
Panasonic Theatre • CANADIAN PREMIERE