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MY NIGHT WITH REG Profile: Bradley Dunn

As we race towards our first performance on Friday, February 10, we invite you to get to know the company of My Night With Reg. We begin with…

 Assistant Stage Manager, Bradley Dunn

Bradley Dunn, Assistant Stage Manager for MY NIGHT WITH REGWhat have you been up to lately?

I just finished The Wizard of Oz at The Grand Theatre in London, which was a wonderful experience. Prior to that, I took a month off work to go backpacking in Europe! It was an unforgettable trip filled with amazing adventures. I’m now constantly Googling new places I’d like to travel to. I definitely got bit by the travel bug. Places I visited on this past trip included Iceland, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, and a variety of little towns along the southern coast of France.

Is this your first Studio 180 Theatre show?

No, I first worked with Studio 180 last January/February on You Will Remember Me at Tarragon Theatre. It was an incredible process to be part of. The cast, creative team and crew were all wonderful and inspiring. It was an honour to help bring such a beautiful show to the stage, and I’m so thrilled to be working with Studio 180 again!

Tell us about your role on My Night With Reg.

As Assistant Stage Manager, I work in tandem with the Stage Manager to ensure the efficient operation of the show. This encompasses many, many things, but essentially we are there to support the creative process and ensure the vision of the show is logistically realized. As Assistant Stage Manager, I’m responsible for running the backstage area during performances, so if all goes right you’ll never see me! #ninjarealness

What would you say is the most exciting thing about your role on the show?

The most exciting aspect of my role is getting to collaborate with and support a team full of extraordinary artists. The company of My Night With Reg is bursting with incredible collaborators, some of which I have worked with and some that are new to me. I’m ecstatic to help bring this show to life here in Toronto.

Why do you think audiences should check out My Night With Reg?

The play carries important messages that will resonate within our Toronto communities. It contains tragic elements framed in a comedic structure, which allows us personal insight into each character. It’s easy to connect with these characters, and ride along with them as they show us their story. With a company full of such talented individuals, it’s a show not to be missed!

What’s coming up for you?

Well, since I enjoyed travelling so much I thought, “Why not do it again?” I’ve booked another trip to Iceland right after My Night With Reg closes. Yup, I’ve got a bad case of wanderlust. Get me talking about Iceland and it’s difficult getting me to stop. It’s a truly magical place, and I’m excited to explore more of it!

David Mirvish presents a Studio 180 Theatre production of My Night With Reg
by Kevin Elyot
directed by Joel Greenberg
February 10 to 26, 2017
Panasonic Theatre • CANADIAN PREMIERE