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MY NIGHT WITH REG Profile: Jeff Miller

We’re in the home stretch now as My Night With Reg enters its final week of performances at The Panasonic Theatre. You have 8 more chances to meet these actors on stage but we’ll give you a virtual head start here with a profile of…

Jeff Miller – Daniel

What have you been up to lately?

I had the pleasure in the summer of 2016 of working on a phenomenal David Hare script, Skylight for a new company in London, Ontario – Troubadour Theatre Collective. The show was directed by the wonderful Brenda Bazinet and it was a challenging and very exciting experience. The last six months I’ve been lucky to work some in film and television including roles on the television series, The Strain and Man Seeking Woman.

Is this your first Studio 180 Theatre show?

No, far from it. I’ve been really honoured to work on a number of shows with Studio 180 and they’ve all been very different plays but all have been incredible experiences. Lately, I’ve been particularly nostalgic for the time we spent in 2004 working on the remount of The Laramie Project. This adjective is probably overused but that experience was ‘magical’ – such a fantastic play, a beautiful ensemble and a special time in my life.

Tell us about your role on My Night With Reg.

I play Daniel in My Night with Reg. I’m a very good friend of two of the other characters, Guy and John. We all went to college together and have struggled in the years since school to stay in touch on a regular basis. Daniel also happens to be the boyfriend of Reg – a character who never actually appears in person but is talked about constantly. Daniel is a fine art dealer and is well-traveled and very smart with a grand sense of fun.

What would you say is the most exciting thing about your role on the show?

Kevin Elyot, the playwright has written characters in this play that are complex and multi-faceted and very, very human. The most exciting thing for me about playing Daniel is that I keep discovering more and more about him in rehearsal and I fall deeper and deeper in love with the guy the more I get to know him. He breaks my heart because he is bold and silly and fearful and courageous, sometimes all at the same time. And I’m certain that I’ll only be starting to really know him by the end of the run

Why do you think audiences should check out My Night With Reg?

My Night with Reg is a beautiful and funny play about friendship and connection and love and loss and how difficult it is sometimes to be a grown-up. And Joel Greenberg, the director, has brought together an inspired cast who I have watched in rehearsal and performance for over a month now and they never fail to blow me away with their talent and insight.

What’s coming up for you?

I have just started to plan a 2017 trip to Vietnam – an adventure that I’ve been thinking about for many years. I’ve never been to Southeast Asia and it thrills me to start to study the region with the knowledge that I’ll be discovering the actual country soon!

Jeff Miller in THE NORMAL HEART. Photo by Karri North

David Mirvish presents a Studio 180 Theatre production of My Night With Reg
by Kevin Elyot
directed by Joel Greenberg
February 10 to 26, 2017
Panasonic Theatre • CANADIAN PREMIERE