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Stand Up for Students Campaign Launch: A Letter from Jessica Greenberg

Access to the arts and arts-based learning is being threatened in Ontario.

Join us and STAND UP FOR STUDENTS by making a donation today and helping us raise $7,500 by June 30th. Your support enables us to engage in critical dialogue with high school audiences by helping us subsidize accessible student matinee performances and free student play readings.

Read Jessica Greenberg‘s letter below to learn about how you can support high school students through our programming, and stand up for their arts education.

Jessica is a Core Artistic Team member and Director of Youth and Community Engagement for Studio 180 Theatre.

Jessica Greenberg

Students need our help.

There was a time not so long ago when drama and other arts courses were offered to high school students at every grade level. But now, things are changing.

With the most recent education cuts in this province, students and teachers are going to need all the help they can get to access arts-based learning opportunities. In many of the Peel region high schools I’ve been visiting over the past few weeks –I’ve learned that drama will be offered for grade nine students only.

At Studio 180 Theatre, we believe that the experience of live theatre enriches learning by teaching students about critical thinking, empathy and leadership.

This year we’ve already worked with almost 700 young people across the Greater Toronto Area, offering them access to free or subsidized readings, performances and workshops through our IN CLASS program. Next season we’ve set a record target of 850 students – each of whom will engage with us at least three times.

I wish that you had been in the rehearsal hall with me for Jonathan Wilson’s student reading of A Public Display of Affection two weeks ago. I wish that you could hear the students’ responses, which were so profound and powerful. It was magic.

It is my personal mission over the coming year to generate creative, innovative and collaborative strategies to guarantee that young people across the GTA continue to have access to the empowering and essential experience of drama-based learning.

We’ve set a target of raising $7,500 by June 30 to support the cost of offering subsidized readings and student matinee performances for our coming season.

More than ever, high school students need companies like Studio 180 to do more so that they can get the most out of their high school experience. And for us to deliver, we need the help of people like you.

Please, if you are able, I ask you to stand up and give what you can to help us support the young people in our communities.


Jessica Greenberg
Studio 180 Theatre


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Photos: (top) Central Technical School students participate in a Studio 180 IN CLASS activity lead by Jessica Greenberg (photo by Jenna Harris); Jessica Greenberg (left) and Ramona Gilmour-Darling (right) lead an IN CLASS session with Louise Arbour Secondary School Students (photo by teacher Logan St. Clair).