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Studio 180 Board Member Marlene Smith Honoured at the 2009 Doras

At this year’s Dora Awards ceremony, theatre producer and Studio 180 board member Marlene Smith earned the Silver Ticket Award, presented to an individual who has excelled in her career while also making a major contribution to the development of Canadian theatre. Marlene has been producing and co-producing live theatre for 40 years, including the long-running Cats – the first “mega-musical” to play in Toronto with an all-Canadian cast and production team. Cats also signaled the rise of a new commercial phase in the life of Toronto theatre.

Also celebrated at the 2009 Doras was Kimberley Purtell, a frequent member of Studio 180’s creative team. Kimberley received the award for outstanding lighting design in the general theatre division, in recognition of her work on Agokwe by Waawaate Fobister (at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre).

Congratulations Marlene and Kimberley!