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Studio 180 Co-Founder Stepping Away

Studio 180 Theatre co-founder Kimwun Perehinec

It is with great admiration that we wish Kimwun Perehinec a bittersweet farewell as she steps down as a member of Studio 180 Theatre’s Core Artistic Team to pursue new opportunities. Her first adventure will be as a cast member in the Western Canadian tour of Annabel Soutar’s The Watershed.

Studio 180’s Artistic Director, Joel Greenberg, reflects on Kimwun’s invaluable contributions saying, “It’s impossible to adequately thank Kimwun for all she has contributed to Studio 180 Theatre since our not-yet-a-company-but-let’s do-something meeting in 2002. As actor, artist educator and communications guru – to name a few of her strengths – Kimwun’s passionate belief in creation by collaboration has served us and our audiences so well. We wish her the very best in all future projects and the many directions that her life and career are bound to lead.”

Kimwun co-founded Studio 180 in 2002 and was a member of the stellar ensemble of our inaugural production of The Laramie Project. Since the company’s inception she has played an integral role in every aspect of our work – both on and off stage. In addition to performances in both productions of The Laramie Project, audiences have delighted in her work in The Arab-Israeli Cookbook; The Passion of the Chris; Offensive Shadows; Clybourne Park; Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish; You Will Remember Me; and as a member of the Dora-nominated ensemble of Our Class.

From the beginning, Kimwun has masterfully overseen our print and web communications, and grant applications, and has shared the responsibility for all artistic programming, including the first two seasons of Studio 180 IN DEVELOPMENT. We will be forever grateful for her unmatched attention to detail and fierce integrity, which have helped to sustain Studio 180’s accountability, consistency and excellence over the years.

Kimwun co-created our successful Studio 180 IN CLASS education program for high school students and we are delighted that she will continue in her role as one of the program’s key Artist Educators.

Reflecting on her time with the company, Kimwun shares, “Studio 180 has been an enormously significant part of my life for the past 14 years, giving me both a sense of agency – the ability to actually make exciting projects happen as part of a team – and an important feeling of family. Studio 180 has helped me grow: our plays have driven me to learn and examine more, working directly with playwrights has ignited new passions, engaging with students has sparked joy and innovation, and our partnerships have made my world bigger. I am very grateful for what we’ve shared, and will be watching what comes next with admiration.”

On behalf of everyone who has been touched by Studio 180’s work, thank you Kimwun. We wish you continued success in your new adventures and pursuits.