19/20 Season

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Wrap Up: Stand Up For Students Campaign

Earlier this month Studio 180 launched a fundraising campaign in response to provincial education cuts that are resulting in a reduction of drama classes and arts-based learning in Ontario high schools. Our goal was to raise $7,500 to support arts-based learning through our programming and Studio 180’s supporters responded in a big way.

Thanks to our generous supporters, our Stand Up for Students campaign surpassed its target and raised $8,678. 

Over the course of the campaign, we received a total of 38 donations, including donations from 13 new donors and 25 returning donors (with 13 donors increasing their donations by a combined $1,320). The funds raised by our campaign will help us provide accessible arts experiences for high school students from across the Greater Toronto Area in our 2019/20 Season. These experiences include free play readings with professional actors and subsidized tickets to our mainstage productions. Thank you to all who supported and share our belief in the importance of theatre and the arts.

Top Photo: Students attending an IN DEVELOPMENT Reading of The Election.
Bottom Photo: Students from Martingrove Secondary School participate in an IN CLASS Workshop.
Both photos by Dahlia Katz.