2020/21 Season

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Studio 180 Announces 2011/12 Theatre Creators’ Reserve Recommendations

Studio 180 is pleased to announce our 2011/12 recommendations for the Ontario Arts Council’s Theatre Creators’ Reserve program, which assists artists and collectives in their efforts to develop new work. Under the program, theatre artists apply to us and we, in turn, make funding recommendations to the OAC. This is our third year as part of the program, and Studio 180 once again received an overwhelming number of impressive submissions. With $5,000 dollars at our disposal and requests for $136,865 in support, the decision-making process was very difficult.

The following three projects were singled out by our Core Artistic Team for their ability to challenge audiences, inspire dialogue and look at challenging issues from all points of view.

  • Memorial, by Paul Dunn – A young visual artist is commissioned to create a memorial after a shooting at his old high school. Memorial explores the role of the artist in a community’s response to tragedy. How and why do we create memorials – what do we hope to remember, and whom do they serve?
  • Small Axe, by Andrew Kushnir & Alan Dilworth – Two white artists, one gay and one straight, investigate the intersection of homophobia and racism and their own relationships to these dynamics. Based on 100 interviews and counting, Small Axe will be a documentary theatre piece about injustice, complicity and permission.
  • Happy Place, by Pamela Sinha – A hospital for women suffering from 
post-traumatic stress disorder becomes a microcosm for the world outside its walls. Boundaries are blurred. Each of the seven women in Happy Place must find a way to fit in a world that can’t respond to or redress a pain that is “un-see-able.”

Thanks to all who applied, and to the OAC for their generosity and for making us part of such an important initiative.