2020/21 Season

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Studio 180 Partners with The Canadian Stage Company

In February 2008, The Canadian Stage Company announced the launch of The Berkeley Street Project, a groundbreaking initiative that joins key members of Toronto’s independent theatre community – Necessary Angel Theatre Company, Nightwood Theatre and Studio 180 – with The Canadian Stage Company to develop a vibrant centre for theatre in Toronto.

“We are thrilled to announce the first step towards our vision of the multi-phase initiative called The Berkeley Street Project. Phase I is the formation of a partnership between The Canadian Stage Company and three leading independent theatre companies. The partnership is an inventive collaboration in which the companies share resources in the staging and promotion of plays at the Berkeley Street Theatre,” stated former Artistic Producer Martin Bragg. “Over the course of the next year I hope that this initiative will lead to new and different opportunities such as the joint development and creation of new work.”

Each of the three independent companies have now produced plays as part of Canadian Stage’s 08/09 subscription season. Studio 180’s contribution was the Canadian premiere of Blackbird by David Harrower – directed by Joel Greenberg and featuring Jessica Greenberg and Hardee T. Lineham.

For Canadian Stage’s 09/10 season, our participation in The Berkeley Street Project continues with The Overwhelming by J.T. Rogers, which runs from March 8 to April 3 at the Berkeley Street Theatre Downstairs.

Providing the companies with a long-term venue planning prospect, the Berkeley Street Project will yield greater stability for all participants, and a platform for the expansion of theatrical activity at Berkeley Street.

“The Berkeley Street Project promises to change the landscape of Toronto theatre. By inviting the vitality, energy and vision of these three outstanding companies to join the Canadian Stage Company in producing theatre at the Berkeley Street Theatre complex, we create a solid foundation for the companies involved by sharing resources to promote a financially healthy theatre community. We are eager to forge additional relationships so that we may expand this vision into an even more dynamic destination for the finest contemporary theatre in Toronto,” continues Mr. Bragg.