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Cynthia at 'Apple' student reading talkback
Cynthia at 'Apple' student reading talkback

RBC Emerging Artists Program

Studio 180 Theatre’s RBC Emerging Artists Program provides one novice director and one early-career playwright with the opportunity to advance their skills, gain exposure and advance their career trajectory by spending one year working with and being mentored by Studio 180 Theatre’s artistic team. This barrier-free initiative is designed to help artists bridge the gap from emerging to established by providing them with the experience and resources they need to succeed.


Thanks to the RBC Foundation, both emerging artist positions are paid and feature both mentorship and public showcase opportunities.

2018/19 PROGRAM

During our 2018/19 season, our RBC Emerging Director will be engaged for 9 weeks including spending 7 weeks as the Assistant Director of our production of Oslo under the mentorship of director Joel Greenberg. Other engagements include: 1 week participating in our Studio 180 IN DEVELOPMENT workshops and 1 week working on an emerging director’s showcase (a public 180 READS reading).

Submissions for our 2018/19 RBC Emerging Director will be accepted until Monday, September 24th and 11:59pm. View the posting here.

Our RBC Emerging Playwright will occupy one of the featured spots in our Studio 180 IN DEVELOPMENT new play initiative. The playwright will receive two full-day workshops with up to five actors and support from a dramaturge (including three one-on-one dramaturgical sessions throughout the year) and at least one public reading of their play. Other engagements will include: an invitation to participate in all other IN DEVELOPMENT workshops and invitations to artistic events throughout the year.


Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks
Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks


2017/18 RBC Emerging Playwright – Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks

“The incredible opportunity I had to develop Apple with Studio 180 gave me a new way to express my voice. Before this workshop with Studio 180 I hesitated to call myself a playwright; now I hold the title with confidence.”

Pictured above: Cynthia speaks to high school students following the student workshop reading of her play, Apple, in fall 2017.

Sarah Orenstein
Sarah Orenstein

2017/18 RBC Emerging Director – Sarah Orenstein

“Being linked and presented by Studio 180 as director to the theatre community has changed my profile. I’ve noticed the interest. And I feel that gives me the opening to approach other companies in that role as I look for the next step.”