RBC Emerging Artist Program

For playwrights & directors

Studio 180 Theatre’s RBC Emerging Artists Program provides three early-career playwrights or directors with the opportunity to advance their skills, gain exposure and accelerate their career trajectory by spending one year working with and being mentored by Studio 180 Theatre’s artistic team. This barrier-free initiative is designed to help artists bridge the gap from emerging to established by providing them with the experience and resources they need to succeed.

Thanks to the RBC Foundation, all three emerging artist positions are paid and feature both mentorship and public showcase opportunities.

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Applications for our 2021/22 Season closed on July 23, 2021. Please check back later for more information on upcoming submission opportunities.

2021/22 Program

The RBC Foundation extended its support of our RBC Emerging Artists Program over two seasons, ensuring the continued success of emerging artists at Studio 180. Their funding will support the mentorship and development of six playwrights or directors through to our 2021/2022 season.

This Season’s RBC Emerging Artists will be announced soon!

Studio 180’s rbc emerging artist alumni

2020/21 RBC Emerging Playwright

“I was so happy with how the students engaged with the work. It was really great getting to spend that time with them… I’m looking forward to engaging again! My favourite thing about leading IN CLASS workshops is watching the youth discover their own abilities in creation.”

Yolanda Bonnell
Rachel Mutombo
2020/21 RBC Emerging Playwright

“One of my greatest joys as a writer is watching a piece develop and evolve every time I work on it. As an audience, typically we only get to see the finished, polished, “perfect” product. This partnership with Studio 180 Theatre was a gift to allow me to explore this play without the pressure of a finished product.”

2020/21 RBC Emerging Playwright

“Thanks for everything Studio 180 has brought to my life this year. It’s been a true blessing. I couldn’t be happier about all that’s been accomplished through this RBC Emerging Playwright opportunity… I am so grateful for your support and championing this year. Thank you so much for believing in this play and allowing it to enter the world. You made it happen.”

Ali Joy Richardson
Sabryn Rock
Sabryn Rock
2019/20 RBC Emerging Director

“As a result of this entire experience, I feel respected and confident that I can be taken seriously as a budding director…. They’ve made space for me to solidify my voice as a director and foster my talent.”

2019/20 RBC Emerging Director

“This kind of opportunity, to choose a play, cast it, rehearse and direct it all within a short window of time, was an incredible concentrated lesson in leadership, process, and taught me so much about the kind of director I hope to be, and about what kind of work inspires me most.”

Sam Khalilieh
2019/20 RBC Emerging Playwright

“Studio 180’s faith in me, as an artist and as a human being, means it feels safe to share, not just my work, but also myself with them. I am an immigrant one step closer to producing a fantastic piece of theatre — a lifelong wish coming true… Writing my family’s journey has opened me up.”

2018/19 RBC Emerging Playwrights

“Having the support of Studio 180 and the RBC award was invaluable to the development of our show. Opportunities like these are vital to the development of new voices, nurturing the artistic leaders of the future. Thank you so much for believing that I am one of those voices.”

Yolanda Bonnell and Natasha Greenblatt
Kerry Ann Doherty
2018/19 RBC Emerging Director

“The RBC Emerging Director position gave me the start I needed and the confidence to pursue the next step in my directing career. I have felt like a valued member of the team and have established myself as a professional in this field.”

2017/18 RBC Emerging Playwright

“The incredible opportunity I had to develop Apple with Studio 180 gave me a new way to express my voice. Before this workshop with Studio 180 I hesitated to call myself a playwright; now I hold the title with confidence.”

Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks
Sarah Orenstein
2017/18 RBC Emerging Director

“Being linked and presented by Studio 180 as director to the theatre community has changed my profile. I’ve noticed the interest. And I feel that gives me the opening to approach other companies in that role as I look for the next step.”