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We run innovative workshops specifically for youth.

Students at Alexander Mackenzie High School participate in an IN CLASS Workshop. photo by Melanie Gordon Photography.
Students from Alexander Mackenzie High School participate in an IN CLASS workshop. Photo by Melanie Gordon.
2023/24 marks our 14th year of empowering youth through drama-based workshops.

Studio 180 IN CLASS sessions promote empathy, encourage self-reflection, provoke critical thinking, nurture ensemble-building and inspire creative expression. Workshops are available for elementary and secondary students from grades 4 –12 with a flexible model accommodating all budgets and schedules.

With the help of our sponsors we offer a limited number of three-session workshops with a 60% subsidy for each successful applicant. Spots fill up quickly. Contact Jessica Greenberg, Director of Youth & Community Engagement for more information or Apply now!

Students are much more engaged and attendance is improved on the days Studio 180 works with us. Students step out of their comfort zone more often and engage with each other as well as the material. They become energized and report how much they enjoyed the experience.

Julianne Hodgins, English Teacher, West End Alternative, TDSB

in class milestones

22 23

Return to the stage – and the classroom!

After two years of remote and hybrid programming, we returned to in-person workshops during our most robust season to date. Nearly 2,000 IN CLASS participants across six school boards engaged with our three mainstage productions as well as numerous IN DEVELOPMENT play readings, digital presentations, Finding Your Voice and customized workshops. This year was marked by tremendous growth as we broadened our programming to include students from grades four to eight, expanded our team of artist-educators, trained 70 teachers during professional development sessions, and received unprecedented school board support from Peel and the TCDSB.

20 21

This was a year like no other.

Our Covid-19 response had us adapting our IN CLASS program to offer synchronous remote workshops across the GTA and beyond. By offering flexible, innovative and empowering online experiences, we supported teachers and students through overwhelming and isolating times. This year saw us reaching more students in more communities than ever before, bringing much needed inspiration, comfort and connection to more than 1,300 youth.

17 18

IN CLASS Students hold up a sign thanking TD for their support
IN CLASS Students hold up a sign thanking TD for their support.

TD Canada Trust becomes our TD Ready Schools Partner.

This exciting new corporate sponsorship gave us a huge boost and helped us maximize accessibility for youth, enhance our professional development opportunities for Artist Educators and invest in future planning for the program. This year TD subsidized seven classes across the GTA and over the years our relationship would deepen, seeing TD supporting more youth each year.

16 17

We are invited to become an Education Partner of the Toronto District School Board.

Building on years of collaboration with the TDSB, dating back to our inaugural production of The Laramie Projectin 2003, we were proud to make it official. Throughout the season we welcomed more than 200 students from five TDSB schools to IN DEVELOPMENTS readings of Common, The United Nathans, and This Great City, enhancing their experience with three-session workshops. Students from five other school boards participated this year as well.

15 16

Students attend an IN DEVELOPMENT Reading. Photo by Dahlia Katz.
Students attend an IN DEVELOPMENT Reading. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

What would it be like to invite students into the play development process?

Turns out, it would be extraordinary. In our inaugural year of Studio 180 IN DEVELOPMENT, we innovated our workshop model to provide young people with a glimpse behind the curtain. Students now had the opportunity to engage directly with theatre artists and contribute to the creation process. Five classes participated in this first year and IN DEVELOPMENT workshops quickly became some of our most popular offerings for teachers and students.

14 15

The Peel District School Board recognizes the value of IN CLASS by providing subsidies for students.

We were honoured to deepen our relationship with the Peel Board when they provided central arts funding to guarantee accessibility for students from two Peel high schools. Affordability has always been a key priority for us, and our collaboration with talented, dedicated teachers has informed our expanded concept of youth access. We cherish this relationship with Peel students, educators and administrators – one that has grown exponentially, connecting us with hundreds of youth annually and guaranteeing accessibility for diverse school communities.

13 14

IN CLASS comes to Mirvish Productions.

Our producing partners at Mirvish admired our education programming and invited Studio 180 IN CLASS to provide workshops for student groups attending their production of Les Miserables. This kicked off a wonderful partnership that had us connecting with many new school communities and hundreds of students attending Mirvish musicals over the next several years.

09 10

Students participate in the inaugural IN CLASS program at Streetsville SS.
Students participate in the inaugural IN CLASS program at Streetsville SS.

Studio 180 IN CLASS begins!

Initiated as a pilot program supported by the Metcalf Foundation, the inaugural workshop was a partnership with Streetsville Secondary School in Peel, in collaboration with drama teacher Marsha Legault and her extraordinary senior drama class. Four sessions led by program founders Jessica Greenberg, Mark McGrinder and Kimwun Perehinec delved into the themes and questions illuminated by The Overwhelming by J. T. Rogers. We are proud to remain connected to students from this pilot class – several of whom have become some of our most valued patrons and supporters.

Thank you to our in class supporters

Aubrey and Marla Dan Foundation
Bridgewater Family Wealth Services

Gwen and Richard Harvey
Patrick and Barbara Keenan Foundation
Diane and Jim King

Thank you to our TD READY Schools Partner, TD BANK, which supports our education program through the TD READY COMMITMENT.

This season, TD’s support will provide 90 workshop sessions to 30 classes, reaching over 800 students from across Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton.

Photos (above, from left to right): Artist Educator Andrew Johnson leads an IN CLASS Workshop at North Park SS, photo by Sam Moffatt. The Poster Four Minutes Twelve Seconds. Students at Danforth CI participate in an IN CLASS exercise, photo by Dahlia Katz.