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Our 19th Season

Join Studio 180 this fall for three 180 READS presentations of critically acclaimed, Canadian premieres, all reflecting themes of memory, generational divides and how we see ourselves, our identities and our history.

Hear a published play we are considering for production, experience the actor’s first instincts and share your feedback with us on whether you would like to see it produced. A signature Studio 180 AT HOME event will precede each reading, either deepening the investigation of the issue of the play or inviting the audience into its creative process. Directly after each reading there will be a post-show chat with the writer, director or performers.

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The Soap Myth

By Jeff Cohen

November 10, 2021


Digital Presentation
In partnership with Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company

Did the Nazis make soap from the corpses of murdered Jews?  

Fifty years after the end of World War II, impassioned Holocaust survivor Milton Saltzman battles Holocaust historians to include the atrocity of “soap” in their Holocaust memorials and museums. The Soap Myth wrestles with the conflict between survivor memory and historical proof, as well as with the scourge of anti-Semitism masquerading as Holocaust denial. It asks who has the right to write history? Who determines the truth? How does a survivor survive surviving?

WARNING: Be prepared for a complete myth understanding.

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