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Join us in the writer’s room to experience the intimate reading of a play in process.

Mortified Reading, photo by Dahlia Katz
Elley Rae Hennessy in an IN DEVELOPMENT Reading of Mortified by Amy Rutherford. Photo by Dahlia Katz

We invite you to learn about the writer’s concept, explore a social or political issue through theatre and share your experience of the work with the writer.

“One of my greatest joys as a writer is watching a piece develop and evolve every time I work on it… This partnership with Studio 180 Theatre was a gift to allow me to explore this play without the pressure of a finished product.”

Rachel Mutombo, IN DEVELOPMENT Playwright 2020/21

For playwrights, Studio 180 IN DEVELOPMENT gives you a helping hand as you develop new work exploring provocative social and political issues. We provide you with the time, space, and resources required to bring your insightful ideas to the stage, culminating in a public reading in our Studio Series.


20 21

sam Khalilieh, Rachel Mutombo, Ali Joy Richardson, Yolanda Bonnell


By Sam Khalilieh
Directed by Mark McGrinder
Featuring Sam Khalilieh

April 16, 2021

Digital Presentation

WARNING: Strong language, first dates, puppets and the Middle East.

Part origin story, part familial archeology, Palestineman is a journey of discovery for its subject and its audience. Returning for a second season IN DEVELOPMENT, playwright sam Khalilieh continues to put together the pieces of a show that has been in his head for over 30 years.

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April 14, 2021


By RBC Emerging Playwright Rachel Mutombo
Directed by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
Featuring Marcel Stewart & Amaka Umeh

February 19, 2021

Digital Presentation

WARNING: Imprisonment may not be limited to the incarcerated.

Isabelle and Jamal’s father was incarcerated for a violent crime. Though they’ve lived the majority of their lives without him, the stain of his actions has been on their lives ever since. Years of resentment and pain threaten to disrupt their lives when they learn of his impending release from prison. Despite the urge to continue to sweep it all under the rug, this pair of siblings is forced to come face to face with their complicated feelings and shared family trauma.

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February 17, 2021


By RBC Emerging Playwright Ali Joy Richardson
Directed by Ann-Marie Kerr
Featuring Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster, Thomas Olajide & David Storch

December 18, 2020

Digital Presentation

WARNING: Pedestals may not be as sturdy as advertised. Watch for falling heroes.

Roy, a revered theatre school teacher, falls from grace after his behaviour with a student comes to light. Mark, his past student (now colleague), has to make him understand. Vic, Roy’s daughter, desperately needs her Dad to do the right thing. Nobody’s giving up without a fight.

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December 16, 2020

My Sister’s Rage

By RBC Emerging Playwright Yolanda Bonnell
Directed by Yolanda Bonnell
Featuring Cherish Violet Blood, Shandra Spears Bombay, Samantha Brown, Theresa Cutknife, Ange Loft, Monique Mojica, Allyson Pratt & Tyler J Sloane

November 20, 2020

Digital Presentation

WARNING: Family, fury and a hunger for reconciliation.

With their Matriarch on her way to the spirit world, a family comes together on their reservation and in the hospital to be with her. A story about grief, love, laughter, rage and the brilliant strength of Indigenous women and their families, fighting to be seen and fumbling towards their healing.

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November 18, 2020

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