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Windrush (or Gone To See A Man About A Dog)

Written by RBC Emerging Playwright Marcel Stewart
Directed by Lisa Karen Cox
Featuring daniel jelani ellis
Sound Designed by Andrew Lloyd Johnson
Spoken Word Consultation by Britta B.

February 28, 2023

7:00 PM

Buddies In Bad Times
12 Alexander Street

In this epic tale, a young Jamaican boy named Bwoi Son is left in the care of his grandfather after his parents leave for England. When a storm kills his grandfather, Bwoi Son and his younger siblings are forced to join their parents. Not wanting to leave, Bwoi Son embarks on a quest to find the River Mumma and her Golden Table to make a sacrifice in order to stay in Jamaica forever.

WARNING: Nature may be more magical than it seems. Approach with caution.

Marcel Stewart is one of our 2022/23 RBC Emerging Playwrights. Join us for our first in-person reading of Gone To See A Man About A Dog in its second year in development with Studio 180 Theatre.

Marcel Stewart

Marcel Stewart

RBC Emerging Playwright

Marcel Stewart is a father, artist, facilitator, and arts administrator who loves smoked gouda. Marcel serves as Artistic Director of bcurrent Performing Arts and as an Artistic Associate for SpiderWebShow Performance. Marcel also sits on the Board of Directors for Essential Collective Theatre. He has worked with Soulpepper, Factory Theatre, Thousand Islands Playhouse, Obsidian Theatre, Suitcase in Point, The Theatre Centre, The Blyth Festival, Festival Players, Studio 180, The Grand Theatre, Persephone, Theatre Direct, Carousel Players, and Atlas Stage. For three years Marcel worked at Suitcase in Point as Outreach Director, co-founding the Nest Artist Residency and Electric Innovations, while also executive producing Freedom: A Mixtape and Lost & Found: A Community Mixtape. When Marcel is not creating theatre, he is an arts educator who has facilitated programming for community youth groups, professional actors, and students in university, high school, and elementary. He has taught theatre performance to students at the National Theatre School, Brock University, and Sheridan College. He was a member of the Soulpepper Academy and completed the Theatre Enhancement Program (as a Directing Foreman) through Factory Theatre. Marcel has directed the podcast play Toronto Pigeons (Factory Theatre); the digital play Meet Chloe (Carousel Players) and Serving Elizabeth (Thousand Islands Playhouse). Currently, Marcel is developing an immersive audio theatrical series. Loosely based on his dad’s life in Jamaica, the story weaves together themes of home, grief, family, and the influence of Caribbean mythology. Inspired by the teachings of d’bi young anitafrika, Marcel often returns to the questions: Who am I? How am I? How did I get here? Who have I lost? What is my purpose?