The Arab-Israeli Cookbook

06 Season

Arab-Israeli Cookbook Poster

By Robin Soans
Directed by Joel Greenberg

March 3 – April 1, 2006

Berkeley Street Theatre Upstairs

The Arab-Israeli Cookbook combines onstage food preparation with intimate interviews to create a portrait of the lives of ordinary people in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. In their travels, the creators met and interviewed more than 80 people, from a wide background of cultures, classes and creeds. The resulting play presents over 40 characters describing their daily lives – driving buses, shopping at the market, preparing meals – amidst the surrounding conflict.

In the words of Soans, Cookbook explores how “inside a complete impasse, people go about their daily lives and retain hope. These are human stories of people’s survival in situations that are intransigent and fraught with danger.”

In their 2006 end-of-year reviews, the Toronto Star listed Studio 180’s production of Cookbook in its Top 10 “honour roll of stellar city shows” and The Globe and Mail named the cast Best Ensemble of the year.


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