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Page to Stage with Studio 180 Theatre: A Letter from Mark McGrinder

Studio 180 Theatre’s Page to Stage fundraising campaignThis year, you can help four well-known Canadian playwrights – Marie Beath Badian, Paul Dunn, Hannah Moscovitch and Jason Sherman – develop their latest works, by donating to Studio 180 Theatre’s Page to Stage fundraising campaign.

Studio 180 Co-Founder and Core Artistic Team member Mark McGrinder shares how your support makes a difference…

Mark McGrinder

Mark McGrinder

My name is Mark McGrinder.

One of my responsibilities as a Core Artistic Team member is coordinating Studio 180 IN DEVELOPMENT, a program that gives Canadian playwrights access to resources such as space, actors, workshops and public readings to help bring their plays to the next stage of development. We’re building upon last year’s success and are expanding to two development periods this year, in November 2016 and April 2017.

All Canadian artists have a Canadian perspective but there isn’t one singular Canadian voice – each artist has a distinct point of view and they all have valuable stories to tell. This is why Studio 180 IN DEVELOPMENT exists – to provide an opportunity to hear the stories local artists have to tell and to help bring these stories to a wider audience.

Here’s a preview of the four pieces we’re working on:

Common, by Marie Beath Badian, examines universal struggles of love, loss and isolation through the unique prism of a youth shelter. Multiple stories introduce us to characters defined more by their aspirations and fears than by their environment, allowing us to glimpse a perspective that is at once foreign and familiar.

This Great City, by Paul Dunn, appeared in the first iteration of Studio 180 IN DEVELOPMENT last season, and has morphed from the story of a fictional mayor in a fictional (yet oddly familiar) town into something that speaks to political divides all over the world. It’s a play about voice and perspective and it challenges audiences to re-evaluate their own opinions while encouraging them to move towards a greater understanding of the opinions of others.

Later I Can Tell You About Jesus, by Hannah Moscovitch (commissioned by Studio 180 Theatre), also appeared in last year’s Studio 180 IN DEVELOPMENT. It emerged from discussions about so-called “honour killings” in the GTA, and it explores volatile issues of racism, fear and assimilation. Those who were with us in 2015 can look forward to a significant evolution in Hannah’s approach to these issues when we share it publicly again in the spring.

Ariel’s Wall, by Jason Sherman, is a continuation of the stories of the Nathans, which some might know from The League of Nathans and Reading Hebron. It’s a play that will engender a lot of discussion – particularly about situations in the Middle East – and one that challenges audiences and discourages complacency by consistently pulling the rug out from under our feet.

Developing production-ready plays is a collaborative effort that takes a great amount of time, energy and resources. And here’s where we need your help…

Today, I ask you to consider donating to Studio 180 Theatre and our Page to Stage fundraising campaign. Your donation will help Marie Beath, Paul, Hannah and Jason bring their scripts from page to stage. When you donate $25 or more, you’ll become a “page sponsor” and you’ll be matched with a playwright and receive special insider benefits such as exclusive artist profiles and a page of the playwright’s work-in-progress.

As an added incentive, Studio 180 Theatre’s Board of Directors has pledged $5,000 to match new donations, increased donations and automated online monthly donations, so the impact of your gift can be amplified today.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your consideration!


Mark McGrinder
Studio 180 Theatre Co-founder and Core Artistic Team Member

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