2020/21 Season

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Learn About Our 2019 RGTC Recipients!

Studio 180 Theatre was proud to act as a recommender for the Ontario Arts Council Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators program for the tenth year! For many of the creators whose projects earned our recommendation, the first half of 2019 has been a busy period of development. We are delighted to introduce these eight projects to you and share where they’re at as we head into the 2019/2020 season.


Bad Muse Collective, Love You Wrong Time
Maheen Hyder, When Armed Birds Fly
Jason Maghanoy, Big
Robert Motum, Future Tenses
Rose Napoli, Legacy
Ngozi Paul, The 1st Time Project Presents – A Documentary Play
The Henry G20 Group, Henry G20
Jennifer Wigmore, Measure² 


Maddie Bautista & Deanna H. Choi

Love You Wrong Time is a theatrical cabaret-style performance exploring the intersections of Asian femininity, racialized desire, and online dating media. Musicalizing Craigslist MSWs, personal dating stories, to Asian pornography, Deanna and Maddie ask: what’s the big deal about yellow fever?



MAHEEN HYDER – When Armed Birds Fly

When Armed Birds Fly is a play that captures the stories of drone strike victims and perpetrators and the challenges they face in addressing mental health and trauma concerns, confronting family legacies and finding ways to move forward in the aftermath of war.




Big data intersects with every component of our daily lives: how we build cities, what we watch, where we live, what we buy. Big data helps shape our lives and is integral to how we are building our future.

It is also the ideal tool for governments to monitor its citizens. This comes with real danger: big data reflects but also warps who we really are. We live our lives, but our digital footprints can be separate lives, antithetical to who we really are.

Big is a chilling drama about the future of privacy and the interconnectedness of society.

ROBERT MOTUM – Future Tenses

What do you think your future will look like? Environmentally? Socially? Economically? Future Tenses is a cross-generational documentary theatre project which investigates how previous generations have imagined their futures and how my generation currently imagines ours. I am sourcing the play’s text from interviews with Torontonians in their early 20s and 80s.


Louis is the Head of Security at the Art Gallery. It’s Raf’s first day. Before Louis can open the training manual, a strange thing happens on the fourth floor in room 252. Two children faint in exactly the same spot minutes apart from one another. Louis has seen stranger things. Until it keeps happening. Many years earlier, it’s Mary and Sandro’s wedding anniversary. Sandro has brought Mary flowers. Mary has done a flawless job covering the bruises on her arms. It’s a celebration. Except that Mary is about to disappear. Legacy is a story based on true events, about the breadcrumbs we leave behind, the things we see, the things we don’t, and the transformative power of art.

NGOZI PAUL – The 1st Time Project Presents – A Documentary Play

The 1st Time is a multi-platform project that centers on women’s 1st sexual experiences. Exploring women’s relationship with sex from culture to culture and from one generation to the next. With a Documentay Play at its center, The 1st Time Project is a verbatim text intertwined with poetic offerings and music that explores social and political change and our sexual understanding of ourselves. It is the sexual revolution revisited. This project seeks to present both a personal and inclusive perspective on female sexuality through integrating modalities from diverse cultural backgrounds and stretching dramaturgical boundaries.

Together we look for what has been called ‘lost’ to see what we find. “The 1st Time Project” aims to cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and—perhaps—even reimagine the ‘birds and bees’ conversation. #ifoundit


Christine Brubaker, Neta J. Rose, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah

The collective is The Henry G20 Group. It includes Christine Brubaker (she/her – Creative Director), Neta J. Rose (she/her – Managing Producer), and Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah (she/her – Artist Collaborator)

Freely adapted from Henry V, Henry G20 supplants the battle of the French and English, with Toronto’s battle between civilian protesters and the militarized police force during the 2010 G20 protests. Blending fact and fiction, the story follows Henry, a young queer Black woman, and her grassroots activist organization as she leads her people through Toronto and into the chaos of the Black Bloc, burning police cars, corporate vandalism and a stand-off with the militarized police. In its fully-realized form this will be a large-scale site-specific performance outdoors at The Bentway, injecting life into the concrete public spaces of Toronto where real protestors have marched. It is an ambitious re-telling of the largest mass arrest in Canadian history, asking the question “Where are we now, almost ten years later?”


Measure² catches up with four of Shakespeare’s most dynamic and complex heroines, in middle-age and with the contemporary consciousness of the post-#MeToo era. Revisiting their stories through a female-gaze, will open conversations about how women from every generation have internalized misogyny when confronting they’re experiences of harassment and abuse. As much as we must move forward, telling new stories, we must also work to reconcile the stories we’ve been telling for centuries.